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We are a USA company that makes interesting and educational games. We work hard to make games that can be played by young and old together as a family, and with friends.


Icosagame was originally published as the Ico Crystal Game in 1980. We renamed the game to avoid conflict with Sony Corporation, who published a fantasy game called Ico after we inadvertently let our trademark expire. Icosagame is now the official name.

Icosagame is played within a three dimensional icosahedron. Up to 10 players ages 8 and up can play at the same time. The standard set includes the instructions for Levels 1 through 4. Over 100,000 sets have been sold over the past 40 years.

$65.00 USD


Jabajamba is a great little dice game that is fun for all! Each player rolls six dice trying to make just the right combination. If you don't get exactly what you need on the first roll don't worry, there may be a wild card in there too! The player with the lowest score wins.

$8.00 USD

The Laughing Game

A great card game that delivers great fun for family and friends. This game is all about laughing. You never heard so much laughing. From snickers to guffaws the room will fill with some pretty strange sounds. You may just burst out laughing!

$12.00 USD

The Count Amount

Our newest card game that deals with sets of numbers. A fun way for students to practice their math skills. Kids can play with each other or the whole family. There are four different decks. Each deck builds more math functions into the game.

$12.00 USD

icosagame - see the world in three dimensions
jabajamba is a great new game for families and friends
the laughing game - you may just burst out laughing
the laughing game - you may just burst out laughing

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